Parkrun Challenge

Parkrun Challenge returns in 2022 with some different events.

The events and the dates are as follows:

Saturday 29th January – Rushcliffe – 69 members attended

Saturday 26th February – Wollaton

Saturday 19th March – Colwick

Saturday 23rd April – Braunstone

Saturday 21st May – Brierley Forest

Saturday 25th June – Belvoir

Saturday 23rd July – Beeston

Saturday 20th August – Long Eaton

Saturday 24th September – Sherwood Pines

Saturday 22nd October – Gedling

Saturday 19th November – Cotgrave*

Saturday 3rd December – Forest Rec

* Subject to these venues being open at the time otherwise alternative venues will be selected.

The Scoring System

As per previous years the following points will be awarded:

10 points for running at the event

10 points for setting a PB

5 points for getting within 20 seconds of your PB

Bonus points will be awarded for the number of events completed as follows:

12 events – 100 points

11 events – 80 points

10 events – 60 points

9 events – 50 points

8 events – 30 points

7 events 15 points

Just a quick clarification on the rules, the time which anyone runs at their first event in the challenge will become their ‘parkrun challenge 2022 PB’ and will be used for the duration of the series.

Any questions, please speak to me on a club night.

Many thanks

Lauren Johnson and Scott Smith


Past winners

2019 Lauren Johnson

2018 Oliver Matharu

2017 Alex Loach