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Parkrun Challenge

The parkrun Challenge will return in 2024 with some different venues; the scoring system will remain the

The events and dates are as follows:
January 20th - Rushcliffe Country Park
February 17th - Beacon Hill Country Park
March 16th - Gedling Country Park
April 20th - Long Eaton
May 18th - Mansfield
June 1st - Volunteering opportunity at any of the challenge parkruns*
June 15th - Clifton
July 20th - Newark
August 17th - Watermead Country Park
September 7th - Volunteering opportunity at any of the challenge parkruns*
September 14th - Brierley Park
October 19th - Beeston
November 16th - Abbey Park
December 7th - Colwick

As per previous years, the following points will be awarded:
10 points for running at the event
10 points for setting a PB (Up to a maximum of six for the year)
5 points for getting within 20 seconds of your PB (these count only if you don't get 6 PBs)

Bonus points will be awarded for the number of events completed as follows:
12 events - 100 points
11 events - 80 points
10 events - 60 points
9 events - 50 points
8 events - 30 points
7 events - 15 points

*As we know, parkrun wouldn’t exist without volunteers so volunteering is incorporated into the Challenge scoring system. In addition to the points outlined above, there is an opportunity to earn an additional 20 points. Specifically, on 1st June and 17th September, we encourage you to volunteer at any of the 12 parkrun events listed in this year’s challenge, in doing so you will be awarded 10 points for each.

Just a quick clarification on the rules for PB’s. The time which everyone runs at their first event in the
Challenge will be your ‘challenge PB’. If you beat this time in subsequent challenge parkruns, this new time becomes the one to beat. Therefore, consistent improvement is needed to keep gaining points. Also, please note that in order for us to know that you have run or volunteered on the dates outlined above, you will need to ensure that your parkrun profile is updated with the club name.

Any questions, please speak to either one of us on a club night or email, otherwise see you at Rushcliffe for Round 1!

Lauren Johnson & Scott Smith

Past winners

2023 Bryn Stone

2022 Kate Banks

2019 Lauren Johnson

2018 Oliver Matharu

2017 Alex Loach

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