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Club Championships

The HPRC club road championship for 2023-24 will run from 4th December 2023 to either 1st or 8th December 2024 (TBC).

Remember that for a race to be eligible it must be classified as “road” and must have a course distance certificate, with the following exception:

  • Beeston Trent 5 miles.

Updates will be posted from time to time.

 Results from previous years


Club Championship distances are:

  • 5 miles

  • 10K

  • 10 miles

  • Half marathon

  • Marathon

Age categories are:

  • Senior

  • V35

  • V45

  • V55

  • V65

  • V75


You can find details of measured courses here, which should tell you whether a course is likely to be accepted for the club championships.

Submitting Results

If you wish your result to appear in Running Free and count towards the Club Championships then please use the results entry spreadsheet

Your results will not count towards the club championships unless you send them in for Running Free.

The championship tables are solely compiled from the results submitted to Running Free.

Please also ensure that you send your results in the correct format. Every month there is an example of how best to send your result in and what you need to include. If you have run a PB then you need to let us know.

Finally, don’t assume that if we have competed in a race you were in that we will also find all the results for club members!

If you do forget one month then we always have a catch up from the previous month section so do send them in.

The only exclusions to all of the above are the Summer League Races, Cross Country Races and the Grand Prix where the results team will pull all results together and compile them for inclusion in Running Free.

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