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Cliffs Handicap

The Cliffs Handicap is run over a roughly 10K course, one of our regular training routes from the National Water Sports Centre round the cliffs at Radcliffe and back. The key points are the left turn onto Wharf Lane just after 2 miles, right up the steps once under the railway bridge, right turn up Valley Road past the playground at 3 miles to leave the Cliffs path, and then navigating back through the centre of Radcliffe to Holme Lane.

You predict your time then attempt to get as close as possible without a watch.

If you must run with a watch to log your run, then please keep it hidden about your person with all beeps, vibrations and other pacing guides switched off.

The 2024 winner was Claire Corbett

2024 results

​​Previous results

Cliffs 2024 winner.jpg
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